September 21st -   Time to reminisce and to visit

                                  4-6pm in the old Fellowship Hall

September 22nd-   Worship Service  

                                  Speaker: Dr. Blair Blackburn  (President of ETBU)

                                  10:30pm in auditorium

                                  Lunch in Fellowship Hall

Port Caddo Baptist Church was organized in the Old Knight School House on Upper Port Caddo Road (now Fern Lake Cut-Off Road) with 14 members on September 21, 1919. Bro. J. H. Daves, who led in the organization, was the first pastor. 

The Building: In 1920 the congregation acquired a lot 150 feet square on Port Caddo Road, a part of its present property, and erected a small frame building. A parsonage was purchased in 1935 and a full-time program was begun. The original church building was torn down in 1949 and replaced by a larger brick building. In 1951 a wing was added to the educational unit and an additional 3 acres of land was purchased. A separate educational building was opened in 1954 providing 4000 square feet of additional floor space. The auditorium was enlarged and air conditioned and a new brick parsonage was built in 1956. In 1957 the congregation voted a ten year expansion program. The first unit in this plan, a modern nursery building, was opened in 1958. In 1977 the church completed paying the note on the remodeling and a contract was let for a multi-purpose building to be directly behind the nursery, and to be completed in early 1978. With the purchase of 12.2 acres of land and a house, in April of 1984, the church property grew.

The People

Over its century of existence, Port Caddo has ranged in size from the teens to the hundreds. Like many churches, it has gone through times of plenty and times of drought. Currently it runs several dozen on Sunday morning and has transitioned to a blended worship style to account for the variety of people in our services and to best honor God with songs that come from the heart. Many ministers and ministries have sprung out of PC as it has always been a place committed to preparing ministers and loving on those God has called on us to love.

A special celebration service is planned for September 22, 2019 at 10:30 a.m. All present and former members are invited to attend these services as we remember 100 years of ministry while lo. The special guest speaker during this anniversary celebration will be Dr. J. Blair Blackburn, President of ETBU.