The Word is the Center of what we Do

At Port Caddo, we take Bible Study seriously and have classes for every age group.Our teachers work hard to make certain that whether you have been studying the Bible for 90 years or can't even read it for yourself yet, you have a chance to grow in your understanding of God's word. 

Take a look through our classes listed below, and see if there is somewhere you might fit in!

Nursery (Birth- 3 years old)                               Director: Sarah Haynie                    

                                                                                 Teacher: Kristy Pierce

Pre-School (4 year olds)                              Teachers: Mark Prince

Children’s I (Kindergarten to 2nd Grade)         Teacher: Andrea McGuire

Children’s II (3rd - 5th grade)                             Teacher: Corey McGuire

Youth (6th - 12th grade)                                     Teacher:  Will Pierce               

Adult I (College)                                                  Teacher:  Daniel and Judy Shelton

Adult III (50 - 70, men and women)                  Teacher: Joyce Dean

Adult IV (60+, men)                                             Teacher: Gus Ash

Adult V (60+, women)                             Teacher: Frances Rives

Young Couples Life Group (2nd and 4th Sundays at 4:30 p.m.) - Teacher: Will Pierce